Our Vision

Al Fardan Jewellery is synonymous with the pearling industry, it is a brand that draws its inspiration from its long and rich Emirati heritage. Whilst Al Fardan continues to set the highest standards and commitment to quality and excellence, the brand is continuously evolving by creating impeccably handcrafted timeless designs for the modern woman. Recognized as a leading retailer in the Middle East, Al Fardan’s vision is to become a global key player who represents contemporary and momentous Jewellery and watch brands.

Experience Al Fardan

With an airy, modern and luxurious 252 square metre flagship boutique nestled in the heart of Abu Dhabi at The Nation Towers, Al Fardan Jewellery is recognised as a leading fine and high jewellery retailer in the region.

Already home to a vast selection of regional and international brands including Yeprem, Terzihan, Repossi, Chaumet, Azar Gems, Liapis, Misk, Susana Martins and Zaia, to name a few, its vision is to become a key global player representing contemporary and momentous jewellery and watch brands.

Located at the up-market Nation Towers mall, the flagship boutique boasts an unparalleled jewellery selection suitable for a special occasion, a personal treat, or a gift.

Natural Gulf Pearls

Pearls are intrinsic to the Emirati heritage and legacy. The UAE was a leading exporter of pearls from the late 19th century up to the Great Depression in the 1920s, and the pearling industry was seen as a source of economic wealth and growth for the country.

A pearl is a very unique and valuable gemstone formed only within a living being. Its formation begins when a foreign irritant gets inside the living shelled mollusk. As a defense mechanism, layer upon layer of the calcium carbonate is coating the nuisance, and thus our lustrous pearl is created. The most beneficial pearls occur spontaneously in the wild but are remarkably rare. For thousands of years, divers retrieved these wild natural pearls.

The Arabian Gulf was the world’s first source of natural pearls and remained so for centuries. Natural pearls from the Gulf are notable for their crystal clear and high-luster nacre. Nowhere else did pearl oyster grow pearl more plentiful, of such high quality, radiance, and size, as the Arabian Gulf waters. These types of natural salt sea pearls wrote Al Fardan’s history. So, remember when you wear them, you wear a piece of our rich heritage.

Our Leadership

The constant success and plans for future expansion of the Al Fardan Jewellery brand are made possible with the fresh mentality and modern thinking of our CEO Hasan Fardan Al Fardan.

Mr. Hasan got his knowledge of finance and real estate investment in the UK prestige schools. His experience steadily grew over years across many business fields in asset management, market studies, investment, legal and tax structuring, and global deals. These exceptional skills and experiences have redirected him to lead the family business as the group CEO.